Buzz-E now specialized in incentive trips to Asia, Europe and Suriname

Even though the economy is at is lowest not and a clear view of the end is not yet in sight, Buzz-E focuses on the future. Communication channels are getting shorter, countries getting closer due to better transport and the internet, companies working around the globe, companies partnering up to provide specialized services around the world, everything points to global economies.

Not only the large companies are expanding their horizon, but also the smaller companies are looking for means to cut cost, broaden their market and market share, and get in contact with possible customers around the blue Earth.

More and more people are going to travel the world for business and leisure purposes. In many cases these events will be combined, since the costs for employer and employee will lower. Incentive trips will be planned to countries where either the product is produced, will be produced, where a new market will be approached, new business will be developed, thus combining pleasure, leisure, business, and moral building in one.

Even though the companies work around the world, the whole event and leisure scene is yet another cup of tea. Due to communication issues, no experience with local providers, local must see locations, local prices, and local quality, many companies are deceived or better yet disillusioned by their trip. In many cases the trip seemed successful, but that is just a mere interpretation since many do not know what could have been at the same prices.

Buzz-E will be bridging those caps. Together with local employees, MICE and DMC partners, embassies and local governments, Buzz-E will plan, provide and produce fully organized incentive trips. These trips will be planned from beginning, starting at the homes of the people joining the trip, till the end, getting everybody back home save, happy and healthy.

Buzz-E will organise local events, trainings, meetings, meet and great with local companies or celebrities, drinks, network events, coaching events, leisure events, parties, shows, dinners and entertainment. Similar to Buzz-E services in The Netherlands and Europe, the whole trip will be tailor made and focused on the group, location, purpose of trip, company marketing and profile. Even the trip itself will be a marketing tool for your company abroad.

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