Buzz-E starts cooperation with BurgGolf

Buzz-E is specialized in tailor made business events while their partner BurgGolf is specialized in golf and golf events. Together they can provide a range of quality events specially tailored for the corporate market.

The different BurgGolf courses and clubhouses in the Netherlands provide classy and suitable spaces for a variety of events such as product launches, employee parties, kick off events, Christmas festivities, conferences, training days, coaching events, network events, balls, dinners, drinks and any kind of event one can think of.

Besides the well furnitured and decorated club houses, Buzz-E and BurgGolf can arrange outside events as well with the use of classy and trendy tens, bedouin tents, outside furniture, field floors and more. Combining inside and outside is even more interesting at times.

So not only for Golf events and tournaments your are welcome, but also for any kind of other event your company needs. But not only companies are welcome, but also foundations, clubs, government bodies, and consumers.

Consumers are best aided for larger groups such as weddings, large birthday parties or special receptions. Also for consumers we are able to provide tailor made events for your group.

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