Buzz-e goes India at the Grote Kerk, The Hague

Even though Divali is primarily a Hindu festival, more and more non-Hindus participate in the festivities. Specially the morals and values behind the event are universally respected. The focus during this festival is the victory of light on darkness, of good above evil, the victory of humanity.

Due to the fact that The Hague is the "Indian" capital in the Netherlands and the fact that the message is universal, the Government of The Hague decided that this event should be a Government powered event for everybody.

Suresh Wadkar is well known for all his Bollywood songs, his collaborations with all major writers, producers and musicians in India, his hits and the amount of films he worked for. But not only the Bollywood scene was influenced by him, yet also the more classic side of music. Suresh Wadkar had a typical classical music education. Now he has started his own school focused on music, singing, producing and everything combined.

The diversitile artist and scholar is coming to the Netherlands for the first time since he hit the charts 30 years ago. Now everybody can enjoy his voice and performance at the magnificent Grote Kerk in The Hague for just 30 euros. Tickets are sold at Easyticket online and several presale addresses.

Event info:
Suresh Wadkar at the Grote Kerk, The Hague
October 18
The Hague
presale at and well know presale addresses